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Does Lyme Disease Cause Hair Loss In Dogs

Hi this is Elise McMahon with expertvillage and this tutorial series we are going to talking about flea and tick prevention. If you like to find more about my sevices you can visit my website canineheadstart. So in this short clip we are going to be talking about different diseases that can be spread to both dogs and humans by fleas and ticks. So for ticks probably the most known disease that humans and dogs can get is Lyme diseases. So there is Lyme disease, there is rocky mountain spotted fever, that both dogs and humans can.

Get. There is a disease called Ehrlichiosis, there is another one called Brucellosis and there is also a rash disease which is actually fairly prevalent in the Northeastern area. For fleas can spread tape worm to your dog. The way that this happens is that the dog would digest a flea that is carrying a tape worm and then they them self would get the tape worm. So you can see that both fleas and ticks that they can be trans meters of diseases and parasites in the case of the tape worm. They are going to be both harmful.

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