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Female Hair Loss After Surgery

PRP for Female Hair Loss More Coverage Predictable Results with a OneTime PRP Combination

Thank you for your question! You are asking about the application of plateletrich plasma (PRP) for hair loss and you are wondering of course what happens if the first round of sessions doesn’t work and you are familiar with people going for 4th,5th, 6th treatment. So it is certainly a reasonable question if you already understand that a series of treatment is considered generally normal for plateletrich plasma (PRP) specifically for hair loss. Well I can certainly offer you a lot of insight into this question. I’m a board certified.

Cosmetic surgeon and fellowship trained oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in Manhattan and Long Island for over 20 years. The management of hair loss, hair transplant surgery has been a big part of my practice. I am also the founder of Trichostemâ„¢ Hair Regeneration centers, a method that we developed of using plateletrich plasma (PRP) in combination with Acellular matrix for the long term management for people with thinning hair. In other words, it is an alternative to hair transplant and certainly with a lot of experience using plateletrich plasma (PRP). So what I’m going to describe to you as my approach in no ways to disparage any colleague.

Who is using plateletrich plasma (PRP) for hair loss. Just for clarification, plateletrich plasma (PRP) is basically a concentration of the wound healing factors in your blood that stimulates collagen, stimulates blood supply. So in our practice and as a cosmetic surgeon, I use plateletrich plasma (PRP) very liberally and a lot of different places. I use it for under eye dark circles, I use it for scar revisions, I use it for acne scars, I use it for fine lines and wrinkles. We use a lot of plateletrich plasma (PRP) and we always find a tremendous value and benefit in its application. From my observation in terms of hair loss treatment, plateletrich plasma (PRP) can in some people cause a short.

Term burst of growth and based on the observation my colleagues or many of my colleagues have developed systems so it is not usual for a who to say, “Well we have to see if plateletrich plasma (PRP) works for you.� And you will need an injection once a month and we will see how you do. Now in my experience, patients come to us who have had this type of treatment usually stops after 4 months. The reason is maybe they see a response but after the 4th month and very often there is not a consistency and aesthetic method which means they are feeling a lot of their injections and they start to wonder how long are they have to.

Keep doing this. In our practice, we use plateletrich plasma (PRP) we’ve developed as system called Hair Regeneration combining plateletrich plasma (PRP) with extracellular matrix and what we’ve developed is a system and protocol. And essentially with one injection treatment, we are able to sustain for years the benefit of stopping thinning process, reactivating hair that is not growing as well as having thinning hair shed and growing thicker. Now in selective patients, we may do a second injection but that usually will be after a year and it’s not typically necessary. In additional, research on my own patients and helping develop this, we’ve seen some value in strengthening the hairs that we are able.

To rejuvenate through this process. Basically, we’ve developed a nonsurgical alternative for hair loss and the main groups of patients we treat are men and women with androgenetic alopecia or malefemale pattern hair loss which is the main common cause of hair loss we counted over 95%. So you can understand that from my perspective, plateletrich plasma (PRP) alone is not as effective as our treatment. So I would suggest that you have this discussion with the that you are considering you are going to as far as what is the realistic expectation of plateletrich plasma (PRP). Some of my colleagues swear by it and in terms of hair.

Loss and it is not up to me to say whether or not they are right or wrong. I can only tell you from my experience and my extensive use of plateletrich plasma (PRP) and wound healing material, I think that what we’ve developed Hair Regeneration and the company that we have developed to try to bring this closer to people. We have patients who come to us from all over the world and they come in for one injection. We’ve had patients come from China, India, who specifically come for this one treatment so you can imagine that this treatment had better work. So I think that you have an opportunity to learn more about these other options. Plateletrich.

PRP Alone has Limited Effect on Female Hair Thinning but Works Better in a Combination Treatment

PRP for hair treatment? I am a 29yearfemale with androgenic alopecia. I am a 29yearfemale with androgenic alopecia. Is PRP real or a waste of money? Thank you for your question! You’re a 29yearold female with androgenetic alopecia and you’re asking is PRP real or a waste of money. Well, I’ll give you a little bit of background. I’m a board certified cosmetic surgeon. I’ve been performing hair transplant for many years. I’ve been in practice for over 20 years and I do use PRP a lot in my practice and I’ve developed a treatment that is PRP.

Based or I should say PRP is part of that treatment called Hair Regeneration. Now if you’re saying you have androgenetic alopecia, I would work on the assumption you had a biopsy confirming this as opposed to al examination because it’s unusual for a woman to have androgenetic alopecia. As far as PRP for female pattern hair loss, I would say that PRP is no effective on its own. PRP can cause short term growth and we’ve observed that for years. We even used PRP before we developed Hair Regeneration to assist growth. We’ve been using PRP in all other areas of the body. We use it in the face, we use it under the eyes for wrinkles, for.

Dark circles, for pigmentation. It’s very useful but for hair thinning, that’s what androgenic alopecia is. I would not say that PRP is that effective. In fact, we have patients who come to us who had PRP done for their scalp for hair loss and basically, they were going in for monthly treatments PRP injections and they weren’t seeing dramatic improvement. They were not seeing any improvement. And so what we do is something very different. We combine PRP with Acellular matrix and we term this Hair Regeneration. In fact, we started a company called Trichostem® Hair Regeneration with the mission of bringing this technology closer to people. We have patients who come.

From all over the world for this treatment. Now this treatment for male pattern hair loss comes close to a 100% success rate in terms of very verifiable, measurable improvements in the hair thinning in terms of reversal and thickening of hair. More than 80% of female pattern hair loss, we see improvement. So I think that your question about PRP is that unfortunately up to a point and what we’re doing is very much fairly ahead of the curve because the gold standard for treatment for hair loss has always been medications. And for women, it was just basically minoxidil. For men, it was finasteride and minoxidil and then there was transplantation. There.

Was nothing in the middle. So Hair Regeneration, what we’ve developed, has turn out to be quite an impressive tool to help people. And when we do this treatment, we do one injection. We’ll follow our patients every 3 months to observe the regrowth and for most women, it takes about 912 months to see an improvement. It has to do with the physiology of hair growth but we watch our patients very closely and we follow our patients up to 18 months. There are some patients where we’ll do a second injection on so we’ve been able to establish that this treatment can actually built upon. So it’s been an exciting time. So again, to answer your question, you’ve already heard, I think there’s limited value.

I wouldn’t say it’s a waste but I think it’s a limited value PRP alone but in a context of what we do with Hair Regeneration, it’s been quite impressive. So I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question!.

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