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Bald Spots In Black Hair

Hello everyone this is Breanna rather author of one of my most popular books the natural hair Bible and founder of howtoblackhair this tutorial is because of an email there that Raquel sent me Raquel said that she is losing a lot of hair she doesn’t understand why it is constantly coming out clumps and also seems as if every day she’s waking up with a new bald spot on her head so Raquel I am so sorry to hear that I hope for your hair to turn around and as always I am going to give you three suggestions or tips or pieces of advice that I want you to incorporate in order to get your hair back on the right track so the very first thing is that you have to pinpoint the cause or when did you actually start experiencing.

Your hair loss so are you taking new medications are you getting off certain medications are you experiencing a change in diet are you eating too much of your bad foods are you even taking too much vitamins so many different things even age and things like that or hormonal changes can trigger hair loss so what I want you to do is assess or pinpoint when you actually first started experiencing it so that you can figure out what the cause of the issue the second thing I am going to tell you is that you have to make sure they are using quality hair products what I mean by this is that your ingredients have to be watersoluble and in most cases they have to be all natural most products that are the culprit of people.

Who experience it a lot of hair loss are products that are filled with petroleum and silicones these products will stop your hair from being able to effectively retain its thickness and also it will even interfere with the circulation of nutrients in blood flow that’s on your scalp so say for instance you like to part your hair and grease your scalp every night or example what’s happening is that the petroleum that is sitting on your scalp is constricting your hair therefore constricting your vessels and making it harder for your are hair to receive nutrients to have as much blood flow thus making it thinner or even making your hair fall out so if you referred to my book the black care manual a pocket guide for choosing.

Your best hair products is to understand what it means to actually use quality products what you need to do to make sure that your applying your products correctly as well as what ingredients will work best for your specific hair so I just want you to know that using quality products has a lot as well to do with how well you you can retain your hair and stop hair loss now the last tip is for Raquel as well as what a lot of other people that feel like weaves cause hair loss now some cases wearing extensions can do this number one if they’re done too tight or number two if your extensions are too heavy for your hair if you feel like you got to do a balance act and all day your extensions are probably.

Too heavy and if you feel like you got pop Motrin and Advil just to a little sleep through the night your extensions are probably too tight so I just wanted to debunk this whole myth or thing being for this third said that I have based on the fact that weaves cause hair loss or breakage when in all reality what’s causing the damage could possibly be the fact that you’re not caring for your hair so unhealthy hair is not caused by weaves in most cases is probably because you’re not shampooing your hair frequently enough or supplying your hair with moisture enough while you’re wearing your extensions so I want you to keep all these tips in mind Raquel I’m not sure what exactly is causing her hair.

Loss all of these things I suggested will put you on the way to figuring out so that you can actually start to grow your hair back so thank you for this email I also want to thank you all for watching and I hope that you enjoyed this and that you actually learned a lot about your hair and what you can do to help it be is best and also before any of you go make sure to sign up for my email list so that you can be automatically entered into giveaways and only there you will receive exclusive content so until then I’ll see you all my very next tutorial.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment For Men And Women

Hello natural hair loss treatment for men and welcome to THR the number one rated hair regrowth program yet simple you wanna stop your hair loss and grow it back to its normal state right when you first step in regaining your full have healthy natural hairs to watch what may well be the most importantly you’ve ever seen I promise that you’ll have the thick beautiful here you’ve always dreamed up no matter how long you’ve suffered from hair loss.

No matter how much here you are realized no matter how many sprays pill shampoos and drugs you tried in the past ed no matter how old or I get your sounds good I can prove it needless to say I’m tremendously excited to share my discovery with you my name is John natural hair loss treatment for men Kelly in about to show you how to get your hair back and prevent future here last without dangerous chemicals and drugs and without expensive supplements are painful hair transplants.

So make sure you watch this tutorial and pay close attention you will find this information anywhere else in fact here loss industry depends on you not learn the secrets containing my program so they can stay in business you’ve probably already tried and failed with the socalled here we growth products they’ve been told by your and friends that there’s nothing that can be done.

Lisette you’re not alone your situation is not unique them within 55 natural hair loss treatment for men million other hair loss suffers in the United States along to stop beating yourself up stop it right now or at least for the duration the tutorial deal what’s more important your situation is not hopeless because two years ago I stumbled upon hairy growth techniques and methods that really work I decided to create a fortypage guide called here again teaching you how to regrow your own hair.

Stepbystep I spent 100 hours and thousands are the hours searching the internet reading researching buying books in talking with other hair loss victims here again is the result of all those efforts to find an answer and it’s chockfull remedies and techniques that really work in this guide I reveal the secrets that big hair loss companies don’t want you to find out because their multibilliondollar natural hair loss treatment for men profits depend on you.

Not knowing if everybody knew how do we grow their hair naturally we would have to keep getting those expensive pills supplements in transplants they’d rather you lose your hair did they lose their money I’m convinced this is the only reason you don’t know how simple it is to regrow your hair so I decided to share these hairy growth techniques with anyone who is serious that we growing their hair all any for music minimum commitment three minutes a day if you can spare five minutes a day.

That would be better there’s nothing complicated about this program it’s quick and natural hair loss treatment for men simple and you will start to see results within 20 to 30 days guarantee.

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