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Female Hair Loss News

This product is absolutely a godsend. I’ve had so many problems trying to something that works. I’ve tried other over the counter topical application that I found at the drugstore. I’ve tried, I’ve gone to a dermatologist, and they didn’t gave me anything. I’ve tried hair laser therapy of $3500. I mean, like I poured my time and my money into finding something that works, and finally I found something. Uhmmm, Provillus has done wonders for my hair. I’ve only been using it for a month, but I’m starting to see little, tiny fine hairs coming out through my surface. Uhmmm, it’s been amazing.

And, I have a, not just my female friends have noticed, but my male friends, too. They, uhmmm, you know they’ve commented on how thick my hair looks, and how shiny it is. And, and my one male friend, you know he always used to rid me because my bald spot was bigger than his. And now, I’m starting to tease him a little bit more, and I think he is showing a bit more interest in finding out what exactly it is that I’ve been doing. I’ve also been taking this supplements with product, and I love the fact that they’re.

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