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Hair Fur Loss In Dogs

0004 COMM Katelyn Payne was a carefree young girl when, then 3 years ago she unexpectadly started to suffer from Alopecia. 0012 KATELYN I was 9 when I lost my hair. I was quite upset at first but then I thought I wouldn’t let it knock my confidence. 0023 COMM But rather than let her condition bring her down, she uses wigs to transform into her favourite pop stars. 0032 COMM Now the budding singer and dancer has won a modelling contract for a specialist wig company. 0038 COMM And, with the support of her family,.

She’s determined to help others with the condition step out of the shadows and make the most of their unique look. 0048 KATELYN I inspire other children because I show them that you can’t be afraid of having no hair because it’s you. 0100 COMM Katelyn’s hair loss came on suddenly, and without explanation. 0104 ANNE MARIE It was 3 years ago one morning we woke up, part of her eyebrow was gone, about 6 months she lost her eyebrows and then she lost all around the outside and all of her hair had fallen out.

0117 KATELYN I miss my hair sometimes and I miss my eyebrows and my eyelashes. 0122 DARREN It is incredibly hard watching your child loose her hair, you are watching it happen and there is nothing that you can do about it, you try the treatments, you try the steroid creams and you don’t get any results and then you have to basically decide that I can’t allow this to absorb us, we have to get on with our lives. 0143 COMM But rather than hide away, she decided to confront her condition.

Alopecia Schoolgirl Models Wigs To Inspire Sufferers

0148 KATELYN Some people just ask why I have no hair, but some people thought I had cancer and I was like I don’t have cancer, I have alopecia. 0157 DARREN Katelyn found a very good way of managing alopecia, she was very open, honest, spoke to her friends, you have got to try and remain positive at all times. 0205 KATELYN I was bothered at first but then I thought I won’t let this knock my life and my dreams. 0212 COMM Katelyn tried various treatments, but her hair wouldn’t grow back. And when she went out in public, people weren’t always.

Understanding. 0220 DARREN When it first happened it is a very, very raw emotion and you kind of get upset by it, you kind of just ignore any unwanted attention, her attitude is as if 0233 ANNE MARIE Its not her problem, its yours. 0235 KATELYN They stare quite a lot but I don’t really get bothered by it because, I’m different. 0242 COMM Katelyn’s not afraid of having no hair. But she also has a series of wigs and can be seen out and about rocking the bold blonde tresses of Paloma Faith, the sleek sophisticated locks of Cher Lloyd and the.

Daring styles of the Little Mix girls and she’s even signed a modelling contract for a specialist wig company. 0302 KATELYN Paloma Faith inspires me because she is different and not afraid to show who she really is and then Cher Lloyd inspires me because she is like different and doesn’t follow the crowds. 0315 COMM Katelyn and her family run a charity called ‘Be Bold’, which helps other children dealing with alopecia. 0321 DARREN One of the important aspects about the condition is people tend to withdraw back from the sight it kind of really destroys.

Your confidence and self esteem. 0330 KATELYN We never knew anyone with alopecia, my mum and dad got a bit worried and they made a charity up and its just got bigger and bigger. 03′ KATELYN I can inspire people to wear wigs and to look pretty without any hair. 0348 COMM And Katelyn’s confidence whether she’s wearing her wigs or not impresses wherever she goes. Her twin brother, Hayden, is particularly proud of his sister. 0358 HAYDEN She looks quite funky and bear in mind she gets a lot of attention when you are out.

0403 DARREN Katelyn is a very positive, vibrant young lady, everyday she amazes us at just how well she copes with this condition. Katelyn once said to me that if her hair started to grow back, she would shave it off, this way she can choose her styles, she loves being able to change her looks and appearance. 0421 HEATHER I think its really brave for her to have the guts to walk around like without her wigs. 0427 KATELYN I inspire other children because I show them that you can’t be afraid of having no hair because it’s you.

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