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Hair Loss After Illness Stress

Expert TIPS TO REDUCE HAIR FALL By Dietitian Jyoti Chabria

Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. We will be talking about hair fall, about lustrous hair and premature greying of hair in relation to diet. The best vitamin that is required for good hair texture, quality, and life is vitamin E. The foods rich in vitamin E would include things like wheat germ, wheat grass, walnut, almonds, flax seed, aloe vera, so a combination of all these incorporated in diet will do the trick. Relating to hair fall, an other thing that we really come across is, we see that the patient does not complain of dandruff, we have very simple methods which can be treated for dandruff, which could be as simple as just applying, putting an application of lime on the scalp. When people do have a lot of.

Dandruff, you do end up in to problems of hair fall and dry hair. Some people have very oily skin, so when you correct the diet in terms of a low fat diet, I mean not being too indulgent in lot of butter and ghee and lad, we are able to rectify the problem to a certain extent. Premature greying is a condition that we see so much in youngsters today and they are truly really worried about this problem. This happens of course due to our life style, there is lot of stress today in everyone’s life. What’s important is to have a very balanced lifestyle today which would mean enough of sleep, enough of exercise and enough of probably taking a right diet. In terms of diet, vitmain A is also very instrumental in helping hair.

Growth and hair fall and retarding hair fall rather. So, foods like papaya, carrots, all the yellow colored fruits and vegetables help in controlling and enhancing hair. Vitmain A is also very important in being instrumental in keeping hair healthy and beautiful.

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