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Hair Loss Alopecia Shampoo

What’s up guys This is Chris from Hair Loss from Steroids and you might know me from my website or, you might have just found this tutorial just randomly on the Internet if you’re looking for a shampoo to stop Hair Loss. Real quick about me, you know, I’ve got about over a decade of looking at clinical studies trying different things, combatting successfully and often times, unsuccessfully, male pattern baldness. I’ve combatted it to the extreme, because in my early 20s and mid20s I did take a lot of steroids,.

With a prescription of course, and that definitely accelerates male pattern baldness if you’re prone to especially so. I’ve pretty well combatted, you know, the most extreme case of male pattern baldness, Androgenic Alopecia and Androgenic Alopecia, male pattern baldness, it’s hair loss from DHT, which is Dihydrotestosterone. If you’re a male, basically 99 of the time that is what is going to be causing hair loss and it’s a distinct pattern that it follows for males and basically, you know, hair thinning thinning hair is basically evidence of male pattern baldness.

Your follicles get smaller and smaller until they die. It follows a pattern here and then up top largely. And even for females, the cases are less wellunderstood what causes female hair loss, but largely I mean I have done a research on this, DHT puts a huge role in that as well. So a little bit about me, and the tutorial and everything like that. So the shampoo I recommend and there’s a lot of shampoos for hair loss, you know, tons of them out there. Most of them are complete bullshit.

Will Regenepure Shampoo Help Prevent Hair Loss

Not only do they not work, but they’re not clinicallytested and this one right here is my recommendation. I’ve been using it pretty much for the past 2 years, it’s called Regenepure. The reason I recommend it is this it has the only ingredient that has been clinicallytested to prevent hair loss, Androgenic Alopecia, by blocking, inhibiting DHT and more recently in 2005, actually that’s not very recently, but people just found the study recently. In Japan, it’s been proven to actually regrow hair. The results were statistically significant and, you know, further evidence.

That it works and I found that it’s worked really well for me too. Now, back to the ingredient Ketoconazole, you may or may not have heard of it. It’s actually been available overthecounter in a formula called Nizoral. Now let me talk a little bit about that. Nizoral has been actually a very popular hair loss shampoo. It’s not marketed as such it’s not a hair loss shampoo. It’s actually an antidandruff shampoo, antidermatitis shampoo because Ketoconazole is actually a compound that kills dandruff and it works. A lot of guys have, you know, had good results using Nizoral,.

Especially in the bodybuilding community. They’ve used it for years and stuff like that. The reason I recommend Regenepure definitely over there’s a few reasons over Nizoral is this First off, Regenepure contains Aloe Vera. Nizoral contains sodium lauryl sulfate, and you may Nizoral contains Sodium Laurelsulfate, and you may or may not have heard that word before that compound before. Anyway, it’s a very cheap ingredient, it’s going to be found in a lot of household products Shampoos, soaps and stuff like that. It’s a foaming agent.

It’s what makes, you know, soap or shampoo, when you put in your hands, foam up. Again it’s a really cheap ingredient. And while it works to make the foam and stuff like that, it’s actually not very good for you and when you’re using this Ketoconazole shampoos, you want to pretty much have them on your head for the duration of the shower, which, you know, 5, 10, maybe more minutes. And you don’t really want to keep frequently putting sodium lauryl sulfate on your heard, just because it causes inflammation.

Now inflammation isn’t the cause of hair loss, but it sure as hell doesn’t help it. Guys that use Nizoral experience a lot of redness on their scalp. A lot of dry scalp for men. And even though because of that as Ketoconazole, you know, stops their loss, it’s not something they want to use everyday, because, you know, their scalp and stuff, hair starts looking like shit and that’s perfectly understandable, so instead of sodium lauryl sulfate, Regenepure like I said has Aloe. And that probably you know is an antiinflammatory, so DHT which causes hair loss.

In itself as a compound is actually inflammatory. So you don’t exactly want to be adding sodium lauryl sulfate, you know, in moderate to long exposures, to that. It’s not going to help the situation. Aloe like I said on the other hand, antiinflammatory. It will prevent the redness. It will lower inflammation, and to some degree it might help your hair loss, too, but mainly it’s because it has the ingredient Ketoconazole, which is clinically proven to block DHT, inhibit DHT and keep it from attacking your scalp topically. So, that’s one of the reasons, you know, I definitely prefer Regenepure over Nizoral.

You know, Nizoral was never supposed to be a hair loss shampoo. It was supposed to be used, I think, in like 2week periods to kill dandruff and, you know, it’s the Ketoconazole is not like it’s not just another ingredient out there. It’s actually very strong. In fact, there is a 2 formula of Nizoral, which features 2 Ketoconazole. That’s actually available by prescription only. You know, they don’t want people going to the store and just buying it and, you know, misusing it and kind of busting up their scalp I guess.

Well that’s the reason they provide me. There’s political reasons for it anyway, but it works for hair loss. There’s studies on it and it works really good. There’s also some other goodies in this that might be beneficial. I’m not going to, you know, go on and say that this is why it works. Ketoconazole is why it works. Aloe is helpful. And let’s see what else. We’ve got Sal Palmetto, you know, that anyway at least for prostate, will help get rid of the DHT that attacks for prostate, which is a little different than the DHT like that attacks your hair.

So that’s why a lot of people take orally take Saw Palmetto and don’t see a heck of a lot results. It can’t hurt though. And let’s see Emu Oil, Vitamin B, Caffeine, Caffeine speeds up your hair growth and stuff like that. It’s a highquality shampoo, so you’re not adding harsh ingredients to the situation. And I feel that’s pretty important especially if you’re using this everyday. I shower like twice a day, so you know, I definitely don’t want to be putting something in my scalp that’s going to inflame it or make it look like shit or anything like that.

The only downside, and this is a personal thing for me, that I feel Regenepure, you know, lacks a little bit on and no one’s actually written in to me on this or told me that, you know, this was an issue, so maybe it’s just with me, but if you do experience out there, the issue is this after I use Regenpure and stepped out of the shower and I noticed this kind of in the first week when I used it 2 years ago. My hair didn’t seem as thick. Now I just stepped on,.

Which is like aesthetically it didn’t seem to have a lot of volume. So I kept using it and sure enough it didn’t seem to look as thick as it normally does and I’m not really sure why this is, maybe it’s because it doesn’t have any foaming agents. It does have some proteins in there, and again this was an issue for me and I never thought other people had it, but the fact that Regenepure works so well, I wasn’t going to ditch it, you know, but my solution to this and, you know,.

Only do this if this is something that you experience too, is getting a volumizing shampoo. And this is the one I use right here. It’s called Tricomin. This actually is marketed as a hair loss shampoo. It’s a really quality shampoo and it doesn’t have anything in it to stop hair loss, so it’s not going to do that, but what it does do is make your hair look really thick. And I think that’s really good. I have no problem using it after the Regenpure. This one here, and this is the one I would suggest getting, it’s a conditioning shampoo,.

So it’s like a 2in1 deal. And it works really good. So, you know, if you’re experiencing not as much volume to your hair after using Regenepure, look into one of these. This one is a little cheaper. This one you guys might know actually, Nioxin, the big bottle there. This bottle here, nearly 34 ounces, was about $25 and this is highquality shampoo, too, that sure enough claims that reduces DHT, it’s got nothing in it to reduce DHT. I still have it though even though I don’t quite like how they advertise it, because it is a good volumizing shampoo.

It makes my hair look pretty good. I don’t think it’s as good as Tricomin. This is smaller bottle, this is 8 ounces for about $20. Like I said the other one was 34 ounces for about $25 this is $20 excuse me. $20, $25, this will last for like 6 months, though. So if you’re experiencing the lack of, you know, nice full hair, you might want to look into them. And that’s certainly not everybody like I said, but, you know, if you do if you have been fighting male pattern baldness and, you know, your hair is thinner than it used to be,.

One of these can go a long way. You know, I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it would be helpful. Again I’m not recommending as a hair loss shampoo, but I do think cause the last thing you need is like a shampoo that makes your hair look flag shitty when you, you know, when it’s kind of thin to begin with, so those have been helpful to me as far as that goes. So, that’s the reason I recommend this guy. I have a link below for the cheapest price going right now on it.

Yeah, it’s really good and use it just like keep it on your head for 5 to 10 minutes during the shower. I use it everyday, that may or may not be necessary. You can see my everything I use on my site Hair Loss From Steroids hairlossfromsteroids, I’ll tell you exactly what I use, when I use it, why I use it, why it’s proven, you know, that works super good for a lot of people. Also notable like, you will see on my site that I do use, Minoxidil and Azelaic Acid.

Those have been super helpful too. I’m not going to tell you so much about those, but minoxidil can give guys like redness on their scalp. It may be a genetic thing, you know, it might be the strength of it. It varies, but since using this shampoo in place of Nizoral, no redness, no flaking no anything. So, you know, hopefully it stays around. The FDA has made, you know, it’s taken a crusade against the, you know, things that help actually work and help hair loss because there are certainly pharmaceutical companies.

Out there that want to have a monopoly on the market, but for the time being, and I don’t see that changing, meaning I don’t see this one going away. Back in January, or whatever, we lost a product that was really good by Perfect Image, because it adds 15 minoxidil on it, but, you know, this would be hanging around, so I suggest you use it, suggest you try it. Keep it on your head, you know, evaluate it in about a month after. I think pretty much in about 10 days to 2 weeks if you’ve used like 5 to 7 times,.

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