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Hair Loss And Drinking

I my name is ben and i wanted to share with you my experience of kangen water so i was introduced to the best friend in los angeles and the first thing that interested me in it I was highly skeptical at first friend.

Was talking about how about lots of other drinks were acids and I was kind of hard to believe him but went on to along with him and kangen alkaline water demonstration she asked me to try and drink for five cups of large cups of.

Water and like i’ll try but i didn’t believe that would be able to because 45 logic up some different going to be really full and i did i did manage to get your five cups in about 10 minutes and I was amazed that i didn’t.

Feel full and that made me think well maybe really is all just going inside my body so I was immediately interested in that point I’m after hearing all the other amazing stories of other people i decided to get a machine since I’ve had.

A machine’s been about two months yeah it’s been it’s been fantastic i am actually had since I was in my early twenties have been gradually losing my hair i managed to find a drug that i could take to help kind of stopped that.

From taking place i’ve never really told anyone that some crazy for putting it up on the internet but anyway and since I started doing the kangen water my hair started getting really really much thicker and so I taken off that drug and now I’m.

Not taking you all my hair is it’s really thicker than it’s been even when I was taking that drug so that was amazing to me everything i have found one now started getting like twice as thick that to me signified it was.

Pushing forward from the back here forward and just signified to me that my body was absorbing nutrients and was healthier and I had been living in Mexico here in playa del carmen mexico and it’s a amazing place great food but.

Hair Loss Treatment Might Reduce Mens Urge to Drink

(image source: pattaya daily news) BY BRIANA ALTERGOTT A new study suggests men taking the drug Propecia to slow a receding hairline are losing more than just their hair. Researchers found twothirds of the men taking Propecia in the study had less interest in drinking alcohol than before starting the drug. (Via ABC).

The study was originally conducted to look at the medicine’s sexual side effects. participants included younger men who had stopped taking Propecia but were still experiencing reduced sex drive and erectile dysfunction. But the decrease in drinking seen in the study may not be found in all men who use the popular hair loss treatment only 65 percent of them said they cut back on their consumption after taking it. Eighteen men gave it up completely. (ViaFox News).

Study researcher michael irwig says he suspects the drug interferes with the brain’s ability to make certain hormones called neurosteroids, which are likely linked to drinking alcohol. But there’s a silver lining. Irwig said:There is interest in the neuroactive steroid system for development of new medications for problem drinking. . This study offers some support for that idea.(Via MSN) Among decreased alcohol consumption, other side effects of Propecia include a reduced.

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