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Hair Loss In Pekingese Dogs

M We’re going to go pick up Captain Spudgy. He’s been looking really scrudgy lately and like an old man. So, we went in to get his hair cut. And dye touch up! We’re heading to pick him up now, we’re hoping that he is going to look like a big and puffy, blue and white marshmallow. Martina in Spudgy’s voice I miss my Spudgy. Note Summertime footage S You’re not the Spudgy. What happened to my Spudgy Spudgy!!!!! Look at you, you marshmallow dog. M Aww. He’s so cute. S Hey, Spudgy! Look at you, you’re all blue again.

M You want to see Mommy S Hey, look at you, Spudgy! S His tummy has been shaved. Good. We’re gonna have to put a blury mosaic over that. You big, puffy boy. My god, you’re so so soft. So, the reason why we cut him this way, is before we used to shave all around his mohawk. But, we found out now that because Spudgy is a bit of an older dog, if you shave him, then it irritates his skin and it doesn’t wind up growing back. So, he had some bald patches before so now we just have them cut with scissors around, shave his stomach.

Because it’s really his stomach that gets really hot for him when he’s walking. M Are you my hot, little toaster My hot, little toaster Sp I’m a hot, little toaster. Yes, I am. M And, how much is this usually costing S It usually costs between 30 and 40 bucks. $30$40 S Today, they trimmed his little feet, they cut his little like junk fur, which gets all like long, awkward, and junky. M You can see his little feet, his little feet are all trimmed and stuff like that.

Spudgy Gets His Mohawk Fixed

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