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Hair Loss In Prairie Dogs

The Cyber Archive. From the hair of the dog to nasty cocktails and soups, we count 15 hangover cures from around the world. Number 15. Tripe Soup. Popular in Eastern Europe and especially Turkey. I guess people think if you have an aching gut, you just need some more guts. The innards are boiled with garlic, onion and sometimes cream. You can even eat it before going out to prevent a hangover. Number 14. Umeboshi. After too much sake on a night out in Tokyo, Japanese drinkers often eat umeboshi. A pickled dried ume, which is similar to a plum or apricot. But it’s not just a little.

Pickled, it’s extremely pickled and sour. Some people steep it in green tea and then drink the tea to make it less concentrated, but it’s still pretty nasty. There is at least some science behind this one, the salt in the ume may actually help replenish some electrolytes, but putting something that sour into an already sour stomach will probably make you vomit. Number 13. Dried Bull Penis. This has gone somewhat out of vogue, but in the past, Sicilians with a hangover would gnaw down on a good old dried bull penis. The assumption was that it restored.

Your virility. Or perhaps your brain just eliminates the hangover as quickly as possible, to stop your body from eating any more penis. Number 12. Voodoo. Some Haitian voodoo practitioners go on the offensive with their hangovers. They stick 13 black headed pins into the cork of the bottle that caused their hangover. I’m no expert in voodoo but I’m not really convinced this works all the time, because what do they do with screw tops and cans Number 11. Prairie Oyster. Popular in the U.S., there are many variations but most include Worcestershire.

15 Hangover Cures From Around The World

Sauce, hot sauce, salt and pepper and a whole raw egg. You drink it down all in one shot. Optional ingredients include a shot of vodka, tomato juice or vinegar and maybe just a touch of salmonella. Number 10. Buffalo Milk. Although it doesn’t actually contain buffalo milk, people of Namibia swear by it. This drink contains clotted cream, dark rum, spiced rum, cream liqueur and whole cream. As the mixture of cream and alcohol congeals in your stomach, I’d imagine you’d throw up but at least you’d feel a bit better.

Number 9. Ground Rhino Horn. This one is taking it to the extreme. In Vietnam, to cure a hangover some people grind Rhino horn into hot water and drink it. This same trick is believed to cure everything from allergies to cancer. As a result demand for Rhino horn is so high these creatures are being poached in ridiculous numbers. Sure, most people are a bit grumpy with a hangover, but there’s no need to kill a bloody Rhino. Number 8. DeepFried Canary. Fond of massive orgies and ridiculous amounts of wine, ancient Romans.

Often woke up with a banging headache. Elders of the time recommended deepfrying canaries. Debate goes on about whether the bird was beheaded and skinned or eaten whole. But apparently everyone agreed that those crunchy bones were some of the best bits. Number 7. Sheep lung and Owl eggs. Not to be outdone by the canary eating Romans, the ancient Greeks treated their hangovers with a breakfast of sheep lungs and two owl eggs. Owl eggs, sure, I mean eggs are pretty much eggs but I’d imagine rubbery bits of lung, bouncing around in an.

Upset stomach wouldn’t stay down for very long. They may well have greatly influenced western civilization through their inventions, but a hangover remedy is not one of them. Number 6. Tomato juice and pickled sheep eyes. After a long night of wrestling and drinking, the people of Outer Mongolia would shake off the morning cobwebs, with a disgusting cocktail made of tomato juice and pickled sheep eyes. Pickled eyeballs, from sheep. Two of them, mixed with tomato juice. Yummy! Number 5. Rollmops. Pickled herring fillets, rolled hence the name around pickled gherkin, olives.

Or pimento. They’re a popular hangover breakfast or Katerfruhstuck in Germany. Although quite fishy, they do actually work quite well. The salts from the fish can help restore some electrolytes, which you lost the night before, from drinking all that wonderful German beer. Number 4. Haejangguk. Literally meaning soup to chase hangover, this is a popular remedy throughout Korea. Consisting of dried cabbage, vegetables and congealed ox blood in a hearty beef broth. The soup is normally served to you while it’s still boiling, you then poke around and pull out the chunks of rib and spine to break off the meat. It’s supposed to be really delicious.

And actually works. Maybe it’s the ox spine or the coagulated blood, but to me it doesn’t seem very appetizing. Number 3. Hair of the Dog. This expression originally referred to a method of treating a rabid dog bite, by placing hair from that dog into the bite wound, curing like for like. Some people find that more alcohol in the morning can lessen the effects of a hangover. Although adding more alcohol is likely to just delay the inevitable and may in fact cause another hangover later in the day.

Number 2. Bacon Sandwich. The British are known for their binge drinking and they’ve made a science of hangover remedies. In 2009 the University of Newcastle announced that a bacon sandwich with tomato ketchup was the best way to cure a hangover. This is because the bread provides you with the carbohydrates you require, the ketchup contains sugars and powerful antioxidants, and the bacon contains plenty of amino acids and salt needed to replace electrolytes, the fat from the bacon will also settle your stomach. A popular alternative is to just have a massive.

Fry up. Number 1. Hangover Heaven. Climb aboard this special bus in Vegas and the crew will administer fluids, vitamins and supplements via IV, while you relax in a comfortable lounge or private bunk. This treatment can cure a hangover in less than 30 minutes and you’d probably come out healthier than you’ve ever been before. Fully recharged and ready for another drunken night at the casinos. If you have any tips or hangover cures you’d like to recommend, leave them in the comments below. And that’s it for this hungover countdown, as always thanks for watching.

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