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Hair Loss at 18 a Better Treatment for Early Onset Hair Loss than PRP Alone

Thank you for your question. You are 18 years old and you describe in your situation where your father is bald and you are noticing for about 23 years that hair has been thinning and that you are in good physical health. And you are stating that you are also opposed to using Rogaine or finasteride due to side effects and you are asking if plateletrich plasma(PRP) will benefit or help you. And you recognize that hair transplant is not a good option for you. Well, I can certainly help you with this question. I’m a board certified cosmetic surgeon and fellowship trained oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in Manhattan.

And Long Island for over 20 years. Hair transplant and hair loss is a very significant part of my practice and in fact I am the founder of TrichoStemâ„¢ Hair Regeneration centers which is a system we developed in our practice where we do use plateletrich plasma(PRP) as part of a treatment we call Hair Regeneration. So certainly I can give you my experience when it comes to plateletrich plasma (PRP) and what we do in our practice for someone like yourself. Now understanding that hair loss and hair thinning is clearly most likely by your description a genetic pattern and a genetic pattern that is very aggressive. The early onset and related.

Progression pretty much anticipates for your future that you will be like your father at some point depending on what pattern your father experienced. We have seen many patients who have started losing their hair at the age of 18 who were practically bald by the time they are 22, if not bald. I would say you have a very aggressive hair loss pattern as supposed to somebody who starts noticing hair loss somewhere in their 30’s or 40’s. What does plateletrich plasma (PRP) do? Well, plateletrich plasma (PRP) is a concentration of the healing elements that are necessary for wound healing and it has been observed that the use of plateletrich plasma (PRP) on stimulating hair growth. The question we.

Have to ask is does it stop hair loss progression? In my practice, plateletrich plasma (PRP) alone does not stop hair loss progression. It is typical and often that patients come to us who have been getting injections of plateletrich plasma (PRP) in their scalp and it is with the best intention by the s who are treating them that they are using the technology they are familiar with to help their patients but they are going for injections every month and that becomes difficult to sustain. In the long run and many times, the patients tell us that there was no recording of data to confirm relative benefit. So I think that in many ways, plateletrich plasma (PRP) is kind of a last ditch approach to.

A lot of people. And in some patients who experience where they are getting plateletrich plasma (PRP) and the wanted to do in getting a transplant so it’s almost a lead in to do before a transplant. We have developed a treatment called Hair Regeneration and with Hair Regeneration, what we developed is a combination of plateletrich plasma (PRP) with a material called Acellular matrix. What we have been able to accomplish with this combination and algorithm we developed for many years is that for most patients male and female, we are able to do a single treatment. And we follow up our patients every 3 months and we measure very objectively. We take digital.

Photos, microscopic photos and we really analyze the patient’s progress. What we found in this one treatment and in certain situations, we might do a second treatment somewhere between 12 to 18 months, we have been able to get sustainable stopping of hair loss. We’ve been able to get thickening of thinning hairs and we’ve been able to get reactivation or weak of growth of hairs that are not growing. This type of technology is unparalleled of developments since the introduction of finasteride in ‘97. Now this is developed from our work in using this material which is a wound healing material for hair transplant. And what we learned is that not only we are helping the.

Grafts heal better but we are also able to see thinning hairs become thicker. The material is not easy to work with which is why not many people have been using it and we went through the work and development to try to make this into a scalable consistent procedure and process. We have patients who come from all over the world who actually will stop have the procedure and go home sometimes even on the same day and get back on the plane. I think you are on the right track. I think you need to learn more about the technology I described, Hair Regeneration combination with Acellular matrix and plateletrich plasma(PRP) and I think that there is an opportunity. One of the things we really have made a distinction.

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