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Hair Loss News August 2012

Hi my name is Ajoeb Baridi and I am from the Cambridge Research Institute at Cambridge University which is part of Cancer Research UK. So we have a very revolutionary new idea of how to battle tackle baldness in both men and women and we have this idea which actually tackles the bio product of testosterone which clogs up the micro. unknown word in your scalp and we think that this product has no side effects, can be easily applied on the scalp as a short halflife so it gets out.

Of the system very fast and it does not require a lot of tropical administrations like other products which require daily administration. This would be used only once a week. And what do you hope to learn from this competition Actually learning how to translate your scientific ideas in a more corporate setting and we as scientists are very geared towards thinking scientific and the nitty gritty of the science is great but when you talk to the investors you need to be able to convince them of the product being very great and interesting but.

The most important part if how they could make money which always sounds like we are dealing with the dark side but actually we want to be able to tell them that this is going to work but actually what is going to work is you are going to make more money and that will bring smiles to their face and at the end of the track will bring smiles to your own face as well hopefully. After two days what’s the biggest thing you have learnt so far The biggest thing I have learnt is that a.

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Good pitch is important, and also that being able to position yourself in the shoes of others as science is always communicating with other science and you have a certain vernacular jargon so way of speaking and projecting yourself. So you sometimes have to step back and think ok what does this person actually want to hear from me from that point on to go that one of the things I have learnt and of course also the details of how corporations are set up in terms of life science, biotech and also.

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