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Hair Loss News December 2012

You can turn these captions off and on using the CC button. I’d like to stick garden gnomes in this building Yeah, I guess you would Hi, death will find you soon I’m not sure you’ll be remembered You’re the devil That little boy has like a thousand freckles And everybody’s all eww Like there’s goobers on his bod I’m done listening You know, Ted’s always kinda freaky He eats hair Human hair He’s the first one to say Let’s go out and eat hair! It’s wonderful now and again See.

Mmmm, hair, mmmm If there’s one thing our country doesn’t need more of It’s goose diarrhea! I heard you got orange rugs here That’s a lie Hey could you cut me a rug here A rug Yeah. An orange one No, we don’t make them I know This one’s a classic Jordan the centipede taught me a card trick Mmm hmm mmmm Thank you You got happy cheer! Ew, look! I went down to the summer camp and took a can of gasoline Don’t light the cabins on fire I wish I couldn’t, but it’s too late.

Ah, well doesn’t that mean you go to jail No, because I ran away You know what, I just love to twerk holla, holla, holla, holla, holla, holla, holla I’ve been testing out some new campaign slogans that are a little less obvious I need a bogel for the glotch Stop Volution Your face isn’t my face That old man just took your spork If you want boyfriend time, then you must be a girlfriend I hate pervy records Mhhaaah pfrengh! Hmm, i wanna use that I made a hole and then barfed on the beach.

TED CRUZ A Bad Lip Reading

I made a hole and then barfed on the beach I made a hole and then barfed on the beach This great nation’s like a pork pie Juicy America! Gabe! Hey, who hates cigarettes I do! Hooray for you! You know, originally Heidi wanted to marry a different fella She wanted Herbert Spinnecki Yeah, he was into football Herbert was beautiful He was just always very open and sensuous with me, you know Like on the weekend, he’d bring fruit and lay by the fire with me and tell me I looked like a French model.

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