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Hair Loss News For 2014

Ernie Anastos We have hairy situation here, hair regeneration, like you have never seen this before. Dari Alexander Fox 5’s Kerry Drew shows us one treatment that lets you use your own blood to grow back your hair. Take a look. Paul These past few years, I’ve noticed, you know looking at the mirror, especially looking at old photos that my hair was thinning and receding. Kerry Paul Gioe says that he felt selfconscious about a section of thinning hair on the back of his head. Paul Looking at my family, there are some.

People there that don’t have any hair and I know how it progressed through them and I could, in a way, predict what the future holds for me. Kerry So Paul did some research and came across cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Amiya Prasad, who specializes in a procedure called Hair Regeneration. Dr. Prasad We can’t bring back hairs that are gone, but we can take hairs that are thinning and make them thicker. Kerry The treatment is unique. Through the use of the patient’s own blood, it generates growth of new hair.

Dr. Prasad What we’re using is a material called extra cellular matrix and we’re combining this with platelet rich plasma. Plateletrich plasma is derived from your own blood. We customize the formulation and inject it into the scalp. And what seems to occur is a woundhealing mechanism that results in reversal of hair thinning. Kerry To begin, Dr. Prasad examines Paul’s head under a microscope, to figure out where the injections will go. Dr. Prasad This is the area that will respond nicely to the treatment. Kerry Then Paul gets his blood drawn, and.

Fox 5 News Features Hair Regeneration NonSurgical Hair Transplant Alternative

That same blood will be used for about 100 injections all over his scalp. Dr. Prasad said he has perfected this procedure over the past few years, and the results have been amazing. Dr. Prasad If there is one solution for male pattern hair loss that’s almost close to 100 percent in our clinical experience, it’s been doing this hair regeneration treatment. Kerry The onetime treatment is not as effective for men and women with significant hair loss or those who are totally bald. As for Paul, he should start to see results in about a month. In a year, it will be even better.

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