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Thank you for your question! You’re asking a question where you want to know how effective is stem cell therapy when combined with hair transplant And you described in your question your situation of being 35 years old, being on finasteride for several years and that you are considering getting twenty two hundred grafts for the crown, mid scalp, frontal area. And that your doctor suggested the use of stem cell therapy which would effectively act as fertilizer for the hair graft surgery. I can certainly give you my perspective. I’m a board certified cosmetic surgeon and fellowship trained oculofacial plastic and.

Reconstructive surgeon performing hair transplant and the use of wound healing technology or stem cellbased technology in my practice and I’ve been in practice for over 20 years. I’m also the founder of Trichostem Hair Regeneration centers which is a nonsurgical alternative to hair transplant based on stem cellbased wound healing technology and I’ll explain that further. I can certainly give you a lot of perspective on how we’ve developed what we’ve done with a similar concept when we were doing a lot of hair transplants. First of all, the unfortunate reality is the term stem cell therapy is too broad.

A term and it’s not clear in what way, what modality stem cell therapy is being applied in your situation but I can tell you this scenario on how we came to where we are in helping people with hair loss similar to yourself. For years, one of the biggest frustrations with hair transplant was the limitation of the number of grafts you can harvest and the survivability of the grafts when they are transplanted. Hair transplant is a very labor intensive procedure. It requires several hours and you are making, for twenty two hundred.

Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment Saving and Thickening Thinning Hair Before Hair Transplant

Grafts, you’re making twenty two hundred openings and on those twenty hundred openings, you may lose anywhere from 10 to 90 and we’ve seen that scenario play out when people have had mega sessions who came to us for assistance after they’ve lost a lot of hair. So we are using a material for wound healing called extracellular matrix and it was with the goal to help the donor area heal better, to help the grafts survive better and a sideeffect turned out to be that thinning hair actually became thicker. The concept of stem cell has.

To be defined. In the way that I’m using it in our practice, is we are using a material called extracellular matrix which promotes the activation of adult stem cells. These are stem cells in your own body related to wound healing to create an effect to improve wound healing. Now in a case like yours, you’re essentially in a situation where in spite of finasteride, you are still progressing and that is not unusual. 60 of men will respond to finasteride but it is well established that finasteride doesn’t stop progression, it does slow it.

Down. Now in the photos you submitted, it’s clear that you still have existing hair in the crown or mid scalp area. Now one of the things, now I’m not being critical of your doctor but one of the things that is often understated in the hair transplant world is that when you are making those twenty two hundred openings, there is invariably a certain percentage of native hairs which get lost because those areas that you want to treat are not bald. There are actually a lot of miniaturized hairs. And with that being understood,.

It was a compromise we always made because we knew that those hairs were going to go anyway. What I learned in our practice is that when we took someone like yourself and instead of doing a transplant, developed a treatment called Hair Regeneration where your existing hair, which is already there, stops thinning and reactivated hairs that are growing and makes thinning hair become thicker phone rings.he restarts When we see patients like yourself who are in a similar situation where you have a lot of existing hair that is thinning, when we use this treatment called Hair Regeneration,.

We are actually able to restore a certain volume and coverage that in actuality, exceeded the results of a hair transplant which is quite significant if you think about it. Because imagine if all those thinning hairs which you’re slowing seeing disappear actually stopped thinning and actually start grow thicker, then the effect of coverage is far more effective than transplantation. You see, the ambitious project of twenty two hairs to cover that area will not provide the density that your hairs already have per square centimeter. So what we have done in our practice is we treat someone like yourself first with Hair.

Regeneration treatment before considering doing a transplant. In fact, we have been able to prove that after one injection, people have been able to hold on and not have any evidence of regression for 35 years and recently, we have been actually been working further developing methods where I might do another injection timed somewhere into the second year to build on top of the results of the first injection. So it has been a remarkable treatment for people who come to us from all over the world and see significant improvement.

So this is kind of going into the idea of stem cell therapy but it’s your own adult stem cells without having to do the surgery. Now, understand that stabilization is a critically important part of your hair loss treatment. And since you’ve already been using finasteride and in our experience, the combination of finasteride with Hair Regeneration has been synergistic. There may be an option for you before moving forward with that surgery in terms of understanding the role of stem cell therapy. So, it’s kind of where your doctor is suggesting right now is a natural step.

In which we have gone through several years ago where we wanted to make the hair transplants heal better using stem cell therapy. Again, I don’t know exactly what your doctor is offering so I can’t speak specifically to it but I can tell you from the photos you submitted that someone like yourself, coming to our practice, would be treated first with Hair Regeneration. So learn more about the stem cell therapy. Speak to your doctor about getting the details of what the stem cell therapy means and what are their expectations. Now, I’m not telling.

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