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Hair Loss On Dogs Elbows

A nice gentle spinal twist is on elbows and knees and Emily is going to do it for us. It’s a way to get a final twist in without over exerting yourself. So, coming into hands and knees first. Make sure your knees are at least hip width apart maybe a little more drop down to your elbows and they come underneath your shoulders beautiful. Now, measure to ensure the elbows are not too far apart. Grab a hold of either side of the arms and release the arms back straight forward, up this left arm straight up to the sky. Look straight.

Forward don’t look up. Reach through those fingertips and press down to the elbow and breath into it. Perfect. Lower down gently. We will do that one more time. Rearrange take a breath. Lift up that left arm and look straight out to the side, palm faces away, reach through those fingertips and really press into that elbow. Gentle spinal twist. Not too deep. Hips are parallel, nice leveled hips. Nice low hips. Slowly and gently, lower that arm down. Remember to do both sides when practicing at home. Slowly and gently, back.

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