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Hair Loss On Dogs Rear

Worms are among the most common problems suffered by dogs. They are also very treatable. Your dog cannot tell you if he is suffering any symptoms, so it’s up to you as his caretaker to look for them. The most obvious and clear of the signs your puppy has worms is spotting worms or worm eggs in his feces. You might also spot worms or worm segments in the fur around his rear. Tapeworms especially can be spotted this way. However, not all types of worms are visible to the human eye.

Your puppy might also rub his rear on the furniture or the floor. Itchiness in the back end can indicate irritation due to worms. There are some glandular problems in dogs that will result in the same behaviors, though. Very young puppies can sometimes inherit worms from their mother. These puppies will have distended or bloated bellies, in addition to other symptoms of worms. These worms can be in the puppies’ stomach when they are born, or can be passed from the mother to the puppy in the mother’s milk. More severe signs your puppy has worms are weakness, weight loss, increased appetite,.

And constant hunger. These very serious symptoms indicate that the worms are getting the nutrients that your puppy needs. Without treatment, your dog could end up malnourished and very ill. Many of these symptoms can be mistaken for other health problems. That’s why it’s so important to take your dog to the vet whenever he starts to show problems. A vet is better equipped to diagnose the disease than a search on the Internet. Your vet will be able to give you medication to easily treat the worms, so that your puppy.

Signs Your Puppy Has Worms

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