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Hair Loss On My Dog’s Tail

Hi I’m Nancy Frensley, I’m the training manager at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society in Berkeley, California. And we are going to talk about how to stop a dog from shedding and this is my friend Lalli who is going to help us talk a little bit about shedding. So what is shedding. Shedding is when the dogs hair comes off. Lalli has quite a heavy coat so you can see that a lot of her hair comes off when you brush her. And it does fall off of her in big hunks. A couple of times of year. So how can I stop my dog from.

Shedding. Well I actually can’t. There’s no way to stop a dog from shedding because it’s a natural biological event that happens. You’ll notice when we brush our hair, some of our hair comes out too. We are shedding all of the time, everything from hair, to skin cells and dogs shed two things they shed hair, and most of the time with a heavier coated dog like her, it’s undercoat and they also shed skin cells like we do. So shedding is controlled however, by regular brushing. If you brush your dog two or three times a week you will.

Reduce the amount of hair around your environment tremendously and your dog will be very, very happy to have a nice clean coat that has the undercoat taken out of it. Even very short haired dogs shed and a brush like this is good for your shorter haired dogs that don’t have a lot of undercoat. Because it just brushes over, takes out the excess hair and the excess hair goes in your brush and your waste basket and not all over your furniture. So shedding is a natural phenomenon and really can’t be stopped. You can reduce it, you can also have.

Dog Care Training How to Stop Dogs From Shedding

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