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Hair Loss Products Reviews 2013

Provillus Reviews Hair Loss Treatment

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Rogaine Review Does rogaine work Hair Loss

Hello i just thought i’d do a tutorial on my experience with rogaine as many people have pointed out male pattern baldness thanks for that ! I’ve recently found this rogaine extra strength prior to this i have used minoxidil and i’ve also used propecia, which is the.

Anti cancer medication, and helps with hair loss also This rogaine extra strength has actually worked for me You can see that i have a bald spot there and a bald spot over here this side is not growing as fast for some reason but on this side.

It is growing quite well i have actually got little black hairs growing here that were not there before There is also lots of small blonde hairs appearing also which are also starting to turn brown if i run my hand across my head like that on the bald area i can feel there is quite a lot of hair growing there it worked really fast in the first couple of weeks.

And then it seemed to slow down im fairly confident that within approximately 6 months i’ll have hair right across this area what i do is when i get up in the morning i put a small dot of it on either side and i also do the top of my head.

Rub the rogaine in and leave it in once morning and night before bed i’ve used other products before and did not see results it said it would work in about a month but i actually found regrowth of my hair in 2 weeks im very happy with the rogaine product i actually shaved my head yesterday because i want to get as much rogaine onto my scalp.

As possible im going to try to keep my hair really short until i get some decent regrowth of my hair i paid sixty dollars australian on ebay for the extra strength rogaine there was 3 bottles in the package which is supposed to last 3 months it was delivered from a local pharmacy on the gold coast where i live.

I just thought i would give my review of rogaine extra strength You can see through it at the moment, because i did cut my hair quite short yesterday It seems to be working, and working quite well I would suggest if you do have balding like i do to give it a try If you arent too bald, it may work for you. You have to keep using it though, if you stop.

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