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How to Make a WordPress Website NEW DIVI THEME 30

Hi there, my name is Ferdy Kopershoek for wordpressking and in this tutorial I will show you from scratch, how to create a beautiful and professional website, using the amazing Divi theme 3.0. The website we are going to make you can find it at divi4 and this is what we are going to make, we’re going to make use of free images, beautiful image over here from New York, Manhattan and this is what we’re saying, ‘we are creative’. it is a website about a web design company and this is what we are going to make, I’m going to show you exactly how to do this and what I like about the Divi theme is that you can edit the website with the front end editors, I enable the visual builder and now I can.

Change the text here. So that’s really nice and if I think, I need some more space over here, I can give it more space so here it’s dragging, dropping and you can see what you’re doing, change the title over here if I want to, I can change this color so If I want the screen color to be different color, I click over here and then I get a panel, the panel can be at the left but it can also be floating, wherever I want it to be, I like it at the left and then I can change the title here, we are also gonna change the color so I go to the second step, design, and here’s assume, I can color, I can it change too, something like that, but I can change the icon to see it’s not.

What I can go to play button and in that way you can change things really easy. If I want to change this color of this border, I can change it over here like that, it’s very intuitive and really easy to work with, right here is a tutorial playing, I can increase the size like this, I can click on this icon and change the background color of the message, everything you want to do you can do it right here in the front end editor so actually the visual builder, I don’t save the changes and I go to service page, here you see tutorial it’s playing in the background smoothly, nice animations, a tutorial, I’m going to show you how to change everything so for instance, if I want to change this, I click on enable visual builder and.

Maybe I want this color to be different color and I want this to be at the left and this to be at right, what I can do, I direct this over here and I drag this area to the right like that, then I click on the module settings and I’m going to make it a little bit rounder over here. So the border radius, increase it, see changing over here, I can go to the percentage, the line height, it’s get bigger, I can change the color, for instance to purple and in the same, it’s OK, that’s how easy it works. I go to latest work and this is one of the ways you can display your portfolio or your projects, you can select them by films, photography, web design so you can select them by category.

And it’s really nice to see. If I go to photography, for instance to this corporate shoot, you can see all the pictures really clear, very nice, here below we have the widget area about us, like us on Facebook, most recent posts, I go to the about page and maybe I want to change this in to a tutorial background. I enable the visual builder, I click over here on this icon, go to divi4and I go for a background tutorial, I upload it, upload the files, select a file Sky Lapse and Divi is handling this amazingly well and here, it is looking really nice. There are some icons you can change, the color, also here you can change everything then we go to the blog page and here you can select.

A certain few of the block I like this one the gridview and if I click on a blog post, you can play around with images with Header’s, with paragraphs, I’m going to explain to you, how to make this and how to be found better in Google, here at the right you see a sidebar with the most recent post and a like us on Facebook widget and then the contact us page, we’re going to create us from scratch and by now you will have all the knowledge that will help you to make a page like this, if you go to elegantthemes previewDivi you see what the theme is capable off so if you are searching for a page, for inspiration you can go to home and maybe homepage corporate and you see something like this, maybe you.

Like this and you want to implement this in your website, what you can do, you go to home, check homepage corporate, to contact us and you can go to enable the visual builder. I click on the icon over here and then on the plus and I’m searching for corporate, I click where you see, you’ll get the exact same layout as here, only without pictures, so you can add your own pictures and tutorials and you can work very efficiently and again if you want to change some things, it’s really easy, you can increase stuff, decrease it at the general settings of Divi, you can change a lot of things. For instance, you can say I want a vertical menu like this or you can have different header like this, the logo.

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