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Hair Loss Rare Causes

If I was to have a hair transplant would it stay or just fall out as my hair does now Hi my name is Crystal and I’m 35 years old. I have been losing my hair slowly for the past 6 years or so but I am now very conscious of it as it’s all at the front of my head. You can clearly see in the day light and under the dreaded spot lights that seem to be everywhere my scalp shinning through. So much so that I have a comb over thing going and if it’s.

Windy out then I have to hold my hair in place. Thank you for your question! You submitted a question where you’re describing a significant amount of hair loss in the course of several years and you’re asking whether or not these hairs, if you’re going to have transplanted will fall out. Unfortunately, with your question, you did not submit any information of any medical workup that you’ve had up to this point. When a woman looses hair, it is important to get a proper medical workup. This includes hormonal level, iron.

Levels and there are so many things that can happen. Women seems to be very sensitive to a lot of stressors such that they can get diffuse hair loss whether or not it’s something called telogen effluvium or shock loss or 30 of women under the age of 50 have some kind of hair loss which can be androgenetic alopecia and female pattern hair loss. In particular, would also want you to be evaluated for something called a scarring alopecia. So there is certainly a lot which you first do before you even consider a transplantation.

The Stressors that can Cause Hair Loss in Women and the Importance of Diagnosis

We are in a unique position where we have patients who come to us from all over the world for a procedure we developed called Hair Regeneration. Hair Regeneration is a treatment where we combine plateletrich plasma with a material called extracellular matrix. By doing this injection and this method of delivery, we have been able to help patients with male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss and even rare conditions such as alopecia areata and lupus related hair loss. But, when a patient comes to us with a history.

Of hair loss that’s a little bit unusual and it is first critical that before we do any type of treatment, we first get a proper diagnosis. So before moving for any type of medical or surgical procedure, I advise that you see your own physician. Get the workup necessary to be sure what type of hair loss situation you have. A lot of times, people come to us after they already eliminated hormonal issues and any type of autoimmune issues as well as they make get a biopsy or they may see.

A dermatologist and learn that what they have is more of a female pattern hair loss or may even be variant of an alopecia spectrum. But a proper diagnosis is absolutely critical. As wonderful as advanced, as remarkable as Hair Regeneration is, there is still going to be limits. One of the limits happens to be scarring alopecia and if the hormonal situation is also something that’s not under good control, then it becomes very difficult because again, women are very sensitive to a lot of different stressors in the body and it is often manifested.

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