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Hair Loss Specialist Harley Street

My name’s Kevin Towers. I work for a wellknown radio company and I got my first procedure two years ago after I suppose I started losing my hair about 21. It gradually got worse and worse I think that most of the the front part of my head was completely missing I can’t really remember how I heard about the Harley Street hair clinic. It might have had something to do with a fairly well known professional football player coming here! or I might have just googled it. I can’t really remember but i came met Laykur who was very good took me through the whole process.

Because it’s a process that you think ‘how is that going to be possible’ it’s some sort of modern day miracle and right enough it is! So when I first met Laykur he reassured about the whole process the procedure what I was to expect what kind of kind of results I could expect he took me through to meet the lady who was my surgeon who was gonna do the procedure over the two days and we just talked about about how it could could look and how it would make you feel and I.

Must say it has changed the way that I look at it has made me feel much much better if you look at the before and after photos there wasn’t much going on there and now there’s there’s certainly a lot more I guess that when i when i first rolled up here two years ago I thought well being 35 and looking about 135 probably wasn’t a good look to carry around so I signed up for the procedure just so I think if I remember it was like 3000 and something grafts or was it 3,000 and something hairs I can’t really remember! But the.

Hair Transplant Results after 2 years

Results are a total transformation and probably the bit most people want to find out about is is it sore Well it isn’t like getting a massage or anything but maybe the most sort of nippy part is getting the injections of the anaesthetic into your head that last literally a minute and then you can’t really feel anything and then the surgeon cracks on with the procedure. You’re in here fore 2 days. Lunch is very nice sadly there’s no wine list and then you’re on your merry way at five o’clock.

On the second day you can drive you can get a train. You probably can’t get a plane You’re absolutely able to function. It’s not as though having like an anaesthetic when you’re knocked out or anything. And also during the procedure when they’re working away on you you can read a magazine m listen to an iPod, you can do you work emails that’s what I told my work I’d be doing of course! It’s absolutely fine. After you get nice and settled you’re given the anaesthetic. Like I say that takes a minute or so to do.

And then a couple of minutes to have an effect and then this sounds completely strange the surgeon comes in and takes from what’s called the donor area so the hair around the back and sides of your head where generally you’ve got more of it it’s a bit thicker, a bit denser and of course the hair in these areas is as they say almost sort of preprogrammed not to fall out once it gets places somewhere else. They take that hair it gets passed on to another lady who puts it into a petri dish. It’s separated out into.

4, 3, 2 and 1 strands. It’s separated out that happens in the morning where they bad harvest hair and then in the afternoon she comes along again and then places it wherever you want so at the start of the process you have a chat to Laykur and his team about what sort of hairline you’re after or where you would like a little bit more hair and then they go away and do it. It’s quite extraordinary. It’s a miracle I suppose! The fact that you can take it out of one part of your head.

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