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Hair Loss Specialist Phoenix

Female Hair Restoration Laris Of Phoenix Skin Explains How Its Done

I think that many people don’t realize how many women are actually losing their hair. Over 50% of women are losing their hair and that’s millions of women just here in the United States alone, but women are really good at hiding their hair loss. I see those women everyday in my office and they come asking for options for hair loss and those options can be medical or surgical. Often times, the medical option fails because it is Rogaine or minoxidil and it is not a great option because it does not grow hair well and by the time I see these women, often times they have lost their hair already and so we talk about the surgical options, but before we can do anything to a woman who is losing.

Her hair surgically, we need to confirm that it is actually hereditary hair loss. Women tend to have the unfortunate problem of losing their hair in a different pattern than men do. When men walk through the door, they have lost it here or here in a very select pattern and we know that it is hereditary hair loss. With women, they tend to keep their hairline, but thin throughout and so that hair loss could be hereditary or it could also be from hormones, it can be from anemia, it can be from iron deficiency, so we need to do some blood work, usually first some simple tests to make sure and confirm that it is hereditary hair loss because we do not want to transplant someone who is losing their hair for medical.

Reasons and so those women that kind of pass all the tests and we find out that it is truly hereditary hair loss, have the option of surgical hair restoration and the surgical hair restoration is wonderful for women because we are able to take hair from the back of the head, move it to the front and top especially the thinning areas on the very top where women tend to be losing and thicken up those areas. The advantage women have to hair restoration is they keep their front hairline, so we don’t have to place a lot of tiny little grafts or try to recreate front hairline for them, all we have to do is fill in and the fill in part is much easier to do than creating a front hairline, so women are at a little.

Bit of an advantage once we find out that it is hereditary hair loss and that all we need to do is try to thicken them up.

Hair Transplant Phoenix 18008592266 Get The Best Hair Transplant With Hasson and Wong

Http:hassonandwong 18008592266 Hasson and Wong are world renowned surgeons. Patients worldwide visit Hasson and Wong due to their mind blowing hair transplant results! watch?v=QgYsXUy9zZ0 Though our hair transplant surgery office is not located in Phoenix, many Phoenix hair transplant patients travel to Hasson Wong because of our world class reputation. Close proximity to Phoenix should not be the deciding factor when considering hair transplant surgery: the skill and experience of the hair transplant , even if the is not near Phoenix, is far more vital to a successful result.

For hair transplant patients flying from Phoenix who are receiving over 1500 grafts in one surgery, we provide a generous travel reimbursement and pay for two nights stay at a hotel close to our hair transplant . Hasson Wong is the premiere destination hair transplant in the world, located in Vancouver BC, but serving a worldwide client. Our hair transplant patients come from all over the USA including Phoenix. Hasson and Wong the world’s best hair transplant surgeons have performed more than 10,000 successful surgeries, If you contact the previous patients of the Hasson and Wong you will find how happy they are after getting a hair transplant from Hasson and Wong.

The techniques used by Hasson and Wong are FUE. Hair follicles , the cells responsible for hair transplant are taken from the region of the head where there is still some growth of hair, these follicles are properly processed and are then transplanted to the bald regions of the head where these follicles start growing in a few weeks time and you will get the natural looking hair in a few weeks time.Hasson and Wong’s is located in Canada , call them and get the appointment fixed , meet them once and see how they are different from the other hair transplant surgeons. Get here Get hair.

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