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Hair Loss Thyroid Postpartum

How to Prevent Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Do you know how to prevent hair loss during pregnancy? I think I’m losing my hair. Pity you can’t just pop a hair replacement pill or something. And losing your hair must make you lose your mind. Pregnancy hormones do affect your attention span, emotions, memory and everything else. But I can’t stand my hair thinning and shedding like this. Your hair tends to thin out while you are pregnant because the body is delivering more nutrients to the baby, so it doesn’t grow as much new hair. You might want to shift to a short hair style.

I’m not cutting off what I have left to hide the hair loss. Fine, fine. You could ask your about nutritional deficits, because mineral and protein deficiencies can cause you to lose your hair. I’m eating a healthy diet. Your thyroid could be out of whack, causing hair loss. Your could do a blood test. We already did blood tests. That’s for prenatal diabetes. Thyroid problems are less common, so they aren’t routinely tested for but can occur during pregnancy.

I’ll bring that up at my next ‘s visit. What else can I do? Let your hair hang loose. Pulling it back in a pony tail or tight braids increases the odds more will come out. And I thought a ponytail was the simplest way to do my hair in the morning. It helped hide some of the highlights that are growing out. You also don’t want to get a perm or dye jobs, since this makes hair more brittle. If only the natural glow from the pregnancy extended to my hair. I’d love to be a blonde, if only for a few months.

You might want to upgrade to a better shampoo, though you’re likely to get sold overpriced designer stuff by a stylist. It’s a good excuse for a fancy spa day, though.

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