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Hair Loss What Disease

Becky has been dealing with autoimmune disorders for most of her life, but it was at 17 that her hair started falling out. I knew immediately that it was alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is when your immune system attacks your own hair follicles. Whether it comes from lupus or just on its own, it causes your hair to break and fall out. I’ll never forget, it was the night before Christmas Eve, and my, at the time, high school boyfriend was over. He runs his hands through my hair.

And a huge chunk of hair comes out. And I freak out and tell him to go. And I run over to my mom. She looks and she just has this really worried expression on her face. She grabs a mirror, and she shows me the back of my hair, and there’s this huge bald spot. I truly felt like natural beauty and my femininity were at stake. For nine years I have been putting my hair in styles to try and hide the bald spots. Thing is the wind in the back of your hair,.

What you do is you put your hair in pigtails. And I get steroid injections to try to lessen the condition. So every three weeks I come in and a dermatologist injects cortisone into my scalp. I am a really lucky and grateful person, but losing your hair sucks and those shots suck. Every three weeks for nine years, every three weeks. Now I’ve gotten to this breaking point. I’m tired of the maintenance, unpredictability. I’m ready to shave my head, and I wanna wear wigs, and I just want to take control,.

What It Feels Like To Lose My Hair

And I wanna move on. Becky’s gonna be taking off the big chunks. You’re gonna get this thing kicked off. While I’m doing this can you remind me that this means no more cortisone shots No more shots in the head. Ahhhhh! And the back’s kinda already falling out. That parts already taken care of. It’s gonna be like something you killed and brought back like fuuuuuuuh! Oh, babe! Now it’s like, yo, fall out if you want. I don’t care. Well you’ve done most of the hard work,.

So it’s basically like Just clean me up. I’m just cleaning you up, making you respectable. Becky Just clean me up. Man Oooo, baby! You have a very good head shape. Yeah Yep. Is this is kinda fun Yeah, kinda. I don’t feel like I can really mess it up, Becky You can’t, yeah. Man you know Man You know what, babe, I think I just found my calling. Yeah Yeah. That’s terrifying. laughing hair clippers buzzing.

Look how good it looks! whistling What What up How do I feel about it I think you look fierce as f. Yeah Yeah. It’s okay if I don’t rock being bald though. Yeah. I love the wig on you. This is the one that I like the best so far. Reminds me the most of a haircut I used to have, right Mmhmm. And I liked it when you had this haircut. Yeah. So I feel good, feel a little weird.

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