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How To Prevent Hair Loss In Dogs

Let’s talk about some cures for dogs shedding. Well the first part of that is there are really no cures for shedding, dogs are going to shed no matter what, what we are really talking about here is decreasing it if we possibly can or dogs that are non seasonally shedding. Dogs typically shed during the Winter season and the approaching Winter months because they are trying to get thicker or thinner coats in but some dogs will shed all year long and it can be quite troublesome. The first thing to do is to check with your veterinarian.

And make sure that there is no underlying disease process of the skin, allergies, or fleas or something that needs to be addressed first that is causing the shedding. Secondly there are a lot of products on the market to stop shedding a lot of which are based around fatty acids, vitamin supplements, essential oils things like that so check with your veterinarian first as well about those products. Third is adequate nutrition. A lot of foods will put fatty acids Omega 3’s, Vitamin supplements obviously are in all foods but good nutrition.

Is the cornerstone a lot of times for some shedding problems. If they are on a poor nutrition they are going to be shedding too much. The other thing to do is brushing or combing your pet often increases oil production of the skin and also obviously gets excess hair off of these pets and will help in the long term as well. The last thing would be to mention the probably baths and shampoos anything that is soothing or moisturizing can sometimes help with these guys as far as excess shedding to put more moisture into the skin to prevent.

Dog Care Tips Cures for Dog Shedding

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