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Hello, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sheree. I have a website The Healthy Diet Paradise. Today we’re going to delve into how hair loss is caused by diet. I’m now 46 years old, and six years ago at the age of 40, I was looking in the mirror in my car, and I was pretty shocked to discover that I was thinning and balding on the sides. Like, right here. You see this here There was no hair. And it was completely receding toward the back. And, you know, by the time I was 41, it.

Had advanced to full baldness on the side, and my hair had thinned even more, so it was hard. It was hard. It was very shocking. After a lot of research, I used a strict, low glycemic diet to correct this condition. And once I really grabbed ahold of this diet, my hair loss completely and permanently reversed. I know that many consumers are being mislead by salesmen pitching products to regrow hair. And as you guys probably know by now, most of them don’t work, if not all of them don’t work.

They don’t work because they don’t get to the core issue of hormones. Regulation of hormones is necessary to halt, stall or reverse hair loss. You can circumvent or prevent hair loss using a sugar balancing diet, or it can also be called a low glycemic diet. A high glycemic diet creates androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness in women. This same high glycemic diet greatly aggravates hair loss in men. The Healthy Diet Paradise has provided a comprehensive hair loss diet guide free of charge. Using scientifically proven data, we will.

Diet for Thick Hair Reverse Hair Loss Hair Thinning!

Show you how to regrow your hair, to halt hair loss and restore it to its natural luster and thickness. The techniques on our hair loss diet page go into specific detail about how to prevent hair loss using specific diet, and how to avoid androgenetic balding. This hair loss diet program is for men and women. Because the mechanism of balding is the same, it’s just more pronounced in men because of circulating testosterone which can convert to DHT. With a little faith, a little resolve, and determination, you can reserve your.

Hair loss issues. Oh, you know what I wanted to show you guys something. I have there’s a lot of things you can do to resolve your hair loss. I have FoTi, okay The Chinese name for this is ho shou wu. I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing that right. And you have borage oil. It has 24 GLAs, gamma lineolic acid. And this blocks DHT. This stuff is the best. If you want to really, really block androgenetic balding, this is the stuff to use. And it costs nearly nothing and.

No one really knows about it. Vitex is really good for women because it helps with progesterone, because a lot of older women can get low on progesterone. Vitex can speed that up. Really important. And then, of course, a simple hair, skin and nails. This is from Swansons, who I love. Most all of my stuff is from Swansons. But this right here really grows your hair back. And this is like $2 or $3. Their brands are really inexpensive, and they’re really high quality. But I mean, this stuff can be.

Bought anywhere. You can get it any any any health food store, or on line, or anything like that. I pretty much use most of these every day, especially the borage oil. So you know what I know it’s hard, and, you know, as far as hair loss, it’s very, very difficult. When I lost my hair, it was extremely traumatic. Extremely traumatic. It followed me everywhere. It followed me to sleep. It followed me to bed. I woke up thinking about it. I just kept getting a little mirror and.

Looking to see if the hairline had receded here. All this all the hair was gone. And as you can see I don’t know if you can see it on here, but it’s pretty much all grown back. It has all grown back. My hair has never gotten really long, but at least with the help of this diet, it got a lot thicker. So anyway, good luck with your hair adventures. And for your convenience, please click on the link in the description box to go directly to our hair loss page.

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