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So today I’m going to address a topic that’s a little off the beaten path for my channel, but is a huge part of today’s society including the vegan community. Body image. So people go vegan for different reasons. One of which is to increase their health. For most people in our society, being healthy translates to looking good. Now there is a lot of information out there about how to lose weight and get healthy by going vegan. Let’s take a look at a select few of the myriad reasons to go vegan. And see just what impact your personal.

Appearance has upon them. What if you went vegan or want to go vegan in order to help the animals This is my number one motivator. So let’s see just how animals are affected by body image. What do you think of this pooch on my stomach that I can grab crickets Or maybe you’re interested in veganism to help the environment. And now the environmental impact of body image. Do you think that my thighs are too big birds chirping Now if your main goal with going vegan is health, then yeah you’re going to be a little concerned.

With your image. But you have to take into account, how realistic are all the online fads, and before and after pictures that you see Let’s take a look at my before and after pictures. Here’s my before picture, and my after. Look at the amazing change. Okay so in reality hear I am flexing my stomach and then just pooching it out. That’s really all that happened. So you can see in realtime, before, after. Before, after. Now ain’t that some bull shit Now if you’re like me and your main interest in veganism is to help.

Thigh Gaps, Washboard Abs Weight Loss Vegan Body Image

Animals, ask yourself these questions. Have caged animals ever been freed by thigh gap Has a washboard stomach ever liberated animals from cruelty Did you ever hear the slaughterhouse shut down by a 15 pound weight loss How about the deforestation that was halted by toned calf muscles If you watch my recent tutorial on muscle retention on a vegan diet, you’ll remember that I went seven months without really doing any physical exertion. So my body has changed. I’m not quite as lean as I was back when I filmed the vegan abs tutorial.

You can see here in this comparison that I don’t quite have the same definition. Let’s see how upset all the animals are about me letting myself go. crickets And don’t forget the environmental impact of my less than seller abs. birds chirping Thanks for tuning in for the mini nugget, I hope you enjoyed it. Please visit bitesizevegan and sign up for the newsletter for free updates, exclusives, and to never miss a nugget. And be sure to subscribe to the channel. And if you haven’t already, head over and check out my tutorial.

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