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Mild Hair Loss In Dogs

Let’s talk about potential side effects for Frontline or Frontline Plus. Frontline plus is generally well tolerated and side effects are mild to none in most animals. Few reports of side effects include hair loss at the site of placement, also mild irritation at the placement of the product. Always check with your veterinarian as far as is this product safe for your pet, and if you think there are any types of side effects. So what you would watch for would basically be generally an area of redness or hair loss right at the.

Neck between the shoulder blades, because that’s where you’re generally placing the product. Frontline Plus should never be used in debilitated or very geriatric patients. Again, always check with your veterinarian first. But Frontline is very safe and it usually does a very good job of fleas and ticks and is well tolerated in most dogs and cats. Always make sure that you’re using the right product that is for the right size of dog or cat, and that you’re using a cat for cat product, a dog for dog product.

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