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News About Hair Loss Treatments

Welcome To Strange Science News Plucking hairs in a precise pattern can make even more pop up in their place, a US study suggests. A group of scientists at the University of Southern California published in Cell journal that they have found a way to regrow hair, in mice. In numerous experiments they plucked hair in certain patterns to see what the results would be. In most trials only the individual hairs that were plucked grew back. But in one trial they found that more hairs grew back than were plucked.

Leed researcher Dr. ChengMing Chuong says that this may eventually result in a cure for alopecia, or hair loss. The of the hair is thought to be produced by a principle called quorum sensing’, usually studied in microbial communities. Quorum sensing is the regulation of gene expression in response to fluctuations in population density. Through molecular analyses, the team showed that the plucked follicles signal distress by releasing inflammatory proteins, which recruit immune cells to rush to the site of the injury. These immune cells then secrete signaling molecules which communicate to both plucked and unplucked follicles telling them that.

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