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News June 2013

Music This is Fieldsports Britain News. The Netherlands has 300,000 greylag geese. The environment department of a Dutch university says that 380,000 geese need to be gassed over the next five years to bring that number down to 100,000. It costs around 18 euros to gas each goose. Holland banned goose shooting in 1981, except under licence. Our government says well when you hunt them the next problem you are going to have is what are you going to do with those animals and that is more or less one of the reasons.

That I wrote a book about it. How do you get it back in the food circuit. And you can watch more of that interview by clicking on the link. Now, Swiss MPs have voted against a ban on stray cat shooting. They rejected a motion to outlaw the cat hunt. The Swiss Government says there are around 1.5 million stray cats in Switzerland and it points to a British study which shows that cats kill 15 birds each per year. Staying with cats. A woman from Indiana in the USA who shot what she thought was a bobcat.

That had been attacking her own cats was surprised when it turned out to be a leopard. The owner of a local wildlife rescue centre that specialises in big cats denies that it is his. If you would prefer to see a live leopard instead of a dead one, then click on the link, to see our how to release a leopard film. Made all the better because Charlie nearly soils himself. Our own Roy Lupton has been appearing on ITV news this week. Roy was talking about the urban fox problem after ITV Meridian used our night vision footage of urban fox calling.

Fieldsports Britain News 26th June 2013

In Maidstone town centre. The report also featured a fox expert who suggested that walking a dog around the edge of your garden will keep foxes at bay. Yeah right. Schools Challenge TV is offering a competition prize this week. You can win a family ticket to the CLA Game Fair. on the link on the screen to watch this week’s show, which says how Schools Challenge Academy members plan to take their shooting careers to the next level and bid for Olympic success. And finally, these South African tourists got a surprise when an angry giraffe started.

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