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Pomeranian Hair Loss Disease

I was seven years old when we adopted Nala. I picked her out at the shelter myself, and a few years later we took in Freddy. My cat lived for a long time, and he was part of the family for a long time. We had Blue for nine years, and he passed away last year when I was 22. She was with me every step of the way, every break up I had, every problem I had, every test I took, she was there. somber acoustic guitar and piano music.

When I found out that we had to put both dogs down, I was away at college out of state. I didn’t really know that they were sick before because I was out of state and I wasn’t home, and I wasn’t witnessing kind of the deterioration. She was having dementia, and she was going into kidney failure, and I just like. I couldn’t. let go that part of my life. I went on a trip to an improv festival in Hawaii. Two days before I was supposed to leave,.

I got a call. So I realized that I was not gonna get back in time to say goodbye. I remember going home for Fourth of July and seeing her and kind of knowing that it might be the last time that I would see her, and I always told my parents that I wanted to be with her when she died and I couldn’t. crying I picked up his blanket and I held him and I told him to be good that I’d see him when I came home again.

When My Pet Died

And I hugged him and I kissed him, and I put him back down. And that was the last time I’d seen him. I wish I had known that he was sick then, ’cause I would have taken more time. And so my mom put the cat on the phone, and he hadn’t moved or spoken. in a couple days. As soon as he heard my voice, he perked up and he started meowing, and he recognized my voice coming over the phone. And I told him that I loved him,.

And. I said goodbye. It didn’t feel real until I went home and I like saw. like where she used to lay and stuff and she wasn’t there. You’re in that space that you’re used to sharing with them and it just feels really empty. It seems so silly when a pet dies because it’s just this animal, it’s just this little thing, but it means so much to you. I don’t know some people say. animals don’t really have spirits, but I feel like. they you know, they have to.

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