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Stress Related Hair Loss In Dogs

Welcome to the VitaLife show. I’m doctor Janine Bowring and today I’ll be talking all about glucosamine for your dog so usually I talk about human health today I’m talking about dogs because I think it’s really important that people realize that a lot of the supplements out there for pets contain a lot of the fillers and the flow agents and the things that they put in human supplements that we of course here at VitaTree we don’t agree with but now of course there in the dog supplements as well which.

If it’s not good for humans it also of course not good for your pets and for your dog so it’s a you know a bit of a learning curve for a lot of people to really start paying attention to what they’re giving their pets so be sure you stay tuned to the end of the tutorial and make sure that you subscribed as well because we’re always uploading new an informative information all about how to get healthy from the inside out using natural remedies things that are really easy.

You know tips and tricks of the trade too help to be your healthiest you for both your family and your pets as well so in terms of dog food and looking at dog supplements as well glucosamine is one of those things that’s great for joint health for dogs and unfortunately if you look at the supplements for dogs they have a lot of these fillers so things like cellulose microcrystalline cellulose magnesium stearate which is a flow agent and it’s not one of the things that I recommend because it.

All Natural Dog Vitamins Supplements for Dogs Glucosamine for Dogs VitaLife Show Episode 147

Actually what it does is speeds up the manufacturing process so it becomes much more affordable for the company’s to use magnesium stearate in their formulas however magnesium stearate can cause a lot of gastric distress a lot of stomach issues for your pets but also decreases the absorption of whatever it’s mixed with so I mean go figure is that really good thing of course not so here at VitaTree with our supplements we don’t use any magnesium stearate and were probably one of the only companies out there doesn’t use magnesium stearate so that’s really you know something that you have.

To be you know informed about and really check your labels on your supplements whether its for yourself or for your pets so in terms of dog health what we do for joints we actually use our VitaJoints which is made for humans but you can certainly gives to your pet to your dog and especially in a larger breeds they tend to have a lot of hip problems as their aging and the VitaJoints is absolutely remarkable so depending on the size of your dog if you have questions you know as to how much to give your dog of the VitaJoints.

Please leave your questions and your comments below and we do get back to everyone and we can help to guide you on that but absolutely remarkable and what it can do for keeping your dog young and youthful and able to be more mobile and not in pain I again thank you for joining me today make sure you subscribe to this channel because were always uploading new information if you have questions about your own health your family’s health even your pet’s health please do leave them below let’s start up a conversation.

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